The Saint Gregory Palamas Outreach

The Saint Gregory Palamas Outreach is a ministry to educate people about the Christian moral perspective on various issues related to health and well-being.

Our teachings come from the vantage point of Eastern Orthodoxy—namely, that of Scripture as interpreted by the Holy Fathers. However, we invite and wholeheartedly welcome all visitors, Orthodox and not, to partake of our rich collection of resources. No matter who you are, there is plenty here to impact you, inspire you, and make a difference in your life.

In addition to offering educational materials on the Orthodox faith in general, we reach out mainly by providing information and spiritual support to those who are suffering, and also to those who are trying to help the suffering, whether they be loved ones or paid professionals in any of the helping fields.

As Orthodox Christians, we believe that the advice of many of the world's secular professionals is sometimes lacking in good spiritual direction. While the efforts of helping professionals are almost always well intended, those efforts frequently lead patients and clients to stray from authentic Christian beliefs and practices. Our belief is that this only leads to the worsening of problems. Counteracting those efforts through education and prayer is the heart of our mission.

For a more detailed explanation of our perspective, you may be interested in reading our welcome letter.

God bless you and grant you a meaningful and helpful visit to our website!

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