Orthodox Prayer for the Self

Lord, into the hands of Thy great mercy I commend my body and soul, thoughts and acts, desires and intentions, needs of my body and soul, arrival and departure, my faith and hope. To Thee I commend the end of my life, the day and hour of my expiration, the repose of my soul and the resurrection of my body. Do Thou, O Most Merciful God, O gentle Lord, Whose clemency is ever unconquered by the sins of the world, take me, who am more sinful than all others, under the wings of Thy protection, and deliver me from all evil.

Cleanse the great multitude of my iniquities, grant the reformation of my wicked and hardened life, and ever defend me against approaching evil transgressions, that I in no manner ever anger Thee. Shelter my weakness from passion and evil men; guard me against visible and invisible enemies, lead me on the road to salvation and to Thyself, Who art my harbor and the heaven of my desires. Grant me a shameless, peaceful Christian death, protect me from evil spirits, be merciful to me, Thy servant, on Thy last judgment, and number me among the blessed flock on Thy right, that together with them I may glorify Thee, my Creator, forever. Amen.