A prayer for Children, by Saint Nikolai Velimirovich

O All-plenteous Lord Jesus Christ, who wast once even Thyself a child and who loved and blessed children, have mercy upon the children of our time and save them — so that unbaptized children may be baptized, and so that baptized children may be strengthened in their faith in Thee, who art Truth eternal, and in their love for Thee, who art Love ineffable.

Save, O Lord, those children whom unbelieving parents corrupt with atheism and turn away from Thee, their only Savior and salvation.

Save, O All-meek Lord, also those children whom evil teachers, without God or soul, alienate from Thee, their Creator, and turn into packs of dogs.

Save, O Lord, also those children whose pure soul is defiled by all the immorality in the streets, in the theaters, and on television — save them from the impurity of the streets and theaters, and from every other impurity.

Save, O All-merciful Lord, also those children who are orphans and have fallen into the hands of cruel guardians, or bad stepfathers or stepmothers, or those who are supposed to rear them but do not — save them from hearing blasphemous words and from seeing malicious deeds.

Save, O Son of God, the sons of men, whom the world tugs here and there into many physical trainings and occupations, without giving them any training in Thine holy law, training in proper thoughts, in truth and mercy, and in all deeds of goodness and righteousness.

Help the children of this age, O Almighty One, so they may grow up and mature to Divine sonship and heavenly citizenship, for their eternal salvation and for Thy glory and praise. Amen.

(Saint Nikolaj Velimirovic)