Our Mission

The Saint Gregory Palamas Outreach exists to educate people about the traditional Christian moral perspective on various issues related to mental health and well-being.

The principles and values that guide our work are rooted in Eastern Orthodoxy. We do not believe in interpreting Scripture on our own. Instead, we rely on Holy Tradition to help us understand our position before God, each other, and whatever suffering we may face during this earthly life. We invite and wholeheartedly welcome everyone to partake of our rich collection of resources, whether you are Orthodox or not. No matter who you are, there is plenty here to impact you, inspire you, and make a difference in your life.

Presently, we offer you a topical index of Orthodox prayers, and we are preparing to offer educational materials as well. In the past, the heart of our mission was providing direct support both to those who were suffering and to those caring for the suffering, whether as loved ones or mental health professionals. For several reasons, we have temporarily pressed pause on providing this particular offering. However, we are readying ourselves, Lord willing, to resume this aspect of our outreach in a fuller, more systematic way in the future; we ask for your prayers as we seek to restore this much-needed aspect of care.

While the advice of many of the world's secular professionals is well intended, we believe that it is sometimes lacking good spiritual direction. It is our sincere conviction that when any counseling or treatment modality encourages patients to stray from traditional Christian morals and practices, it is unhelpful at best. We believe that it contributes to the worsening of problems rather than to their resolution. While we do recognize the absolute need for good clinical care, we maintain that certain types of “care” can be spiritually damaging, especially in the long term. We seek to raise awareness in this regard and to educate clients and Orthodox practitioners alike in what we believe to be better alternatives.

We do not represent our efforts as a substitute for necessary clinical care. We are a resource to those who desire that their clinical care remain aligned with the Orthodox understanding of theosis and salvation.

As we work behind the scenes to restore the literature and direct-support aspects of our outreach, our prayer collection is available for you to browse and share. It is a small but mighty collection, and we hope that you will return to it frequently.

May your visit to our website be meaningful and spiritually profitable!