Orthodox Prayer for Pilots, Sailors, and Those who Travel by Air or Sea

O Master, Lord Jesus Christ our God, Who didst walk upon the waters as upon dry land, and didst deign to have Thy holy disciples and apostles as Thy fellow voyagers in the ship; and didst rebuke the stormy wind, and command the waves of the sea to be still: Be pleased now also, we humbly pray Thee, O Savior, to sail with [name] in his ship/plane, allaying every unfavorable wind and tempest: And raise up special and timely winds for a successful voyage, being Thyself even unto him a pilot, and a saving; an untempestuous and tranquil haven unto him and his ship/plane. And as Thou didst save Peter from drowning, so also in sovereign wise, deliver Thou [name] from all assaults of enemies, both visible and invisible, and from calamity, and distress, and fear, by Thy Right Hand omnipotent: And graciously vouchsafe that he may return to his home in peace, health, and happiness; having accomplished his purpose and enterprise. Do Thou richly bestow Thine inexhaustible grace upon his deeds, and preserve the ship/plane whole and unharmed. For thou art the Savior, and the Deliverer, and the rich Giver of all good things, both spiritual and temporal, and unto Thee we ascribe glory: To the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen.