Orthodox Prayer to Be Saved by Faith

All-merciful God, O Lord Jesus Christ, in Thy great love, Thou didst descend and become flesh to save all; again I pray Thee, save me by Thy grace! If Thou shouldst save me on account of my deeds, it would not be a gift but merely a duty; truly, Thou aboundest in graciousness and art inexpressibly merciful. Thou hast said, O my Christ: He who believeth on me shall live and never see death. If faith in Thou savest the desperate, behold, I believe! Save me, for Thou art my God and my Creator. Let my faith stand in place of my deeds, O God, for Thou wilt find no deeds to justify me. Let my faith be sufficient for all. Let it answer for me; let it justify me; let it make me a partaker of Thine eternal glory, that Satan may not seize me, O Word, and boast that he hath torn me from Thy hand and fold. O Christ my Savior, save me! Come quickly, make haste, for I perish! Thou art my God from my mother's womb. Grant, O Lord, that I may now love Thee as I once loved sin, and that I may labor unto Thee without laziness as I once labored unto Satan the Deceiver. Even more will I labor for Thee, my Lord and God Jesus Christ, all the days of my life, now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen.